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Let Us know if you have any questions: but before you do check out this Q&A. Most people have same questions and you can find your answers here.


How can I contact you?

How is the electricity calculated?


Go to our CONTACT page for details.

We work weekdays 9am-5pm, Saturdays 10am-3pm, Sundays and Public Holidays OFF.

The electricity fee is based on the individual meter for each room (in some cases, shared houses will have additional 'shared' meter for the house, paid by all the tenants).

October - May @ 5NT$ / kWh, June - September @ 6 NT$ / kWh.

What is expected monthly fee for the electricity?

On average during Summer you will pay NT1000-NT2000 per month, during winter NT500-NT1000. The electricity fee heavily depends on amount of A/C used. Tenants working from home usually pay more than the ones who spend their days outside.

How can I pay my rent and bills?

You will make monthly payments directly to our Taiwanese bank. You can transfer money online, or make the payment in person in the bank branch. You don't need a Taiwanese bank account to do it.

How can I reserve the room if I am not in Taiwan?

Let us know what room you are interested in - we can schedule an online video viewing. After reaching an agreement we will require the safety deposit (two months rent) sent to our Paypal or Bank Account.

Can I pay for my room using a credit card, or transfer from foreign bank?

Yes we accept transfers from foreign banks, or Paypal.  International transfer payment / Paypal is only accepted for the first payment (room reservation fee). Currently we are not accepting card payments.

What are the rules for shared houses?

Common sense rules, such as: *quiet enjoyment after 10.30PM * no pets, no smoking *visitors for max 2 nights per week *politeness and cleaningness

Is the contract in English?


Please note: the lease agreement is governed, constructed and interpreted by, through and under the Taiwan Housing Act [Art. 1-65] & The Land Act / Ministry of the Interior. Translated and notarized on 25.04.2019. A free copy of the Taiwan Housing Act & The Land Act is available through the Ministry of the Interior China (Taiwan): 10055臺北市中正區徐州路.

Are parties allowed?

No, we have a strict no parties policy, and expect to keep noise to a minimum after 10.30PM. 

If you look for a party house while in Taiwan - we are not the right match.

What to do if I lost my room key?

We do not deal with lost keys - it is each tenant's responsibility to keep the keys safe.

In case of the lost key we provide a phone number (24/7 service) to a locksmith. This is a paid service, and the tenant is responsible for paying.

I don't see a shower cabin in the bathroom. Why?

Most Taiwanese houses have a 'wet bathroom' - where shower, toilet and sink are all in the same space and not separated from each other.

Is the bathroom co-ed?

Yes all the bathrooms in shared houses are co-ed (shared by males and females).

If you wish not to share, we suggest renting a studio room with a private bathroom.

Does the room have a key? How safe is it?

Yes you will reeive the key for you room.

In general Taiwan / Taipei is very safe and there is no need to worry about safety.


Is the cleaning service provided?

No, all tenants are responsible for keeping their rooms and shared spaces clean.

If necessary we can contact you with cleaning company to help you deal with your room (cost is around 500NT per hour).

Can you provide exact house address for my ARC / Visa application?

I don't see any kitchen in the room. Why?

Yes, you will receive a copy of the contract with all the details, including the house address.

Most studio rooms in Taipei don't have any kitchen or cooking facilities. This is because take-out food and street food is cheaper to buy outside, rather than cook at home.

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